Research Area B

Protein Modification

Project B01: Thomas U. Mayer

Regulation of the ubiquitin ligase complex APC/C by XErp1

Project B03: Andreas Marx / Martin Scheffner

Unnatural amino acids to study protein ubiquitylation

Project B05: Valentin Wittmann

Metabolic engineering of glycoproteins

Project B06: Christof Hauck

Protein complex assembly at focal adhesion sites

Project B07: Thomas U. Mayer

Regulation of the activity and localization of the motorprotein Kif18A by posttranslational modifications

Project B09: Michael Kovermann / Christine Peter

Multiscale simulations and NMR spectroscopy of ubiquitin chains: linkage chemistry and chain behavior

Project B10: Andreas Marx / Martin Scheffner / Andreas Zumbusch

Visualizing ubiquitin processing in cells