CRC 969 Colloquia

Besides the CRC 969 seminars there are CRC 969 colloquia where invited speakers give an overview over their research.

Summer term 2022

In this summer term all colloquia will be held on campus again!

20 May 2022An NMR View on Protein-Peptide and Protein-Polymer Interactions
13:00 h, ZT1202Prof. Heiko Möller, University of Potsdam

Host: Christof R. Hauck
22 June 2022Focused and Global Methods to Characterize Protein Complex (Re)Organization in Perturbed Systems
14:15 h, M629Dr. Ben Collins, Queen’s University Belfast

Host: Florian Stengel
24 June 2022Reprogramming of Mitochondria by Proteolysis
15:15 h, M629Prof. Thomas Langer, Max-Planck-Institute for Biology of Ageing, Cologne

Host: Martin Scheffner
19 July 2022Chemistry-Based Strategies for Investigating NAD+ Signaling and Protein ADP-Ribosylation
15:15 h, A704Prof. Michael S. Cohen, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA

Host: Andreas Marx

Winter term 2021/2022

11 October 2021Formation and dynamics of an in-vitro reconstituted molecular condensate
10:00 h, M701Christian Fabri, University of Göttingen

Host: Florian Stengel

Summer term 2021

Due to the Corona pandemic we had no colloquia in this summer term!

Winter term 2020/2021

17 November 2020Temporal Control of Cell Cycle Events via Multi-Site Phosphorylation of CDK Targets
15:15 hProf. Mart Loog, University of Tartu, Estonia
via zoom
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
08 December 2020The Consequences of Aneuploidy and its Role in Tumorigenesis
15:15 hProf. Zuzana Storchová, University of Kaiserslautern
via zoom

Host: Thomas U. Mayer
15 December 2020The Challenges of Meiosis: How to Avoid the Generation of Aneuploidies in Oocytes
15:15 hProf. Katja Wassmann, University Sorbonne
via zoom

Host: Thomas U. Mayer

Summer term 2020

Due to the Corona pandemic there will be no colloquia in this summer term!

Winter term 2019/2020

29 November 2019Proteostasis Impairment in Protein Aggregation Diseases
15:00 h, R511Dr. Mark Hipp, University of Groningen

Host: Marcus Groettrup
10 December 2019Super-Resolution Microscopy with DNA Molecules: Towards Localizomics
16:15 h, A704Prof. Ralf Jungmann, MPI Martinsried

Host: Elke Deuerling
12 December 2019Phosphatases Dictate the Temporal Pattern of Cell Cycle Progression by Counterbalancing Cyclin/Cdk Complexes
15:00 h, ML630Dr. Anna Castro, CNRS Montpellier

Host: Thomas U. Mayer
12 December 2019How Cyclin A-Cdk Bora Triggers Mitotic Entry
11:00 h, ML630Dr. Thierry Lorca, CNRS Montpellier

Host: Thomas U. Mayer
17 March 2020POSTPONED! DNA Damage is Only the Beginning POSTPONED!
15:15 h, A704Prof. Marc M. Greenberg, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Host: Andreas Marx

Summer term 2019

09 September 2019Endoplasmic Reticulum Remodeling During Autophagy
14:00 h, M701Prof. Marisa Otegui, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host: Erika Isono
09 September 2019Autophagy, the Master of Cellular Recycling
10:30 h, L602Prof. Richard D. Vierstra, University of Washington in St. Louis

Host: Erika Isono
02 July 2019Nature’s Dirty Little Secret: The Diverted Total Syntheses of Rhizosphere Natural Products as Targeted Antibacterial Agents
13:30 h, L602Prof. William Wuest, Emory University

Host: Thomas Böttcher
24 June 2019Mass Spectrometry Approaches to Dynamic Protein Structure: From Disorder to Membrane Pores
14:00 h, M701Prof. Frank Sobott, University of Leeds

Host: Florian Stengel
13 June 2019Identification of Small Molecules for Modulating Water Reabsorption in the Kidney – New Treatments for Water Balance Disorders
14:00 h, M701Dr. Enno Klußmann, MDC Berlin

Host: Florian Stengel

Winter term 2018/2019

14 February 2019Killing Cells in and out of Mitosis
13:15 h, ML630Prof. Andreas Villunger, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Host: Thomas U. Mayer
11 January 2019Optogenetic Control of T Cell Activation
13:00 h, L602Prof. Wolfgang Schamel, University of Freiburg

Host: Marcus Groettrup
10 January 2019Cellular Modulation of Gene Expression Variability
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Maike Hansen, Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, USA

Host: Thomas U. Mayer
03 December 2018High-Resolution Cryo-EM Studies of Protein Complexes Involved in Cell Cycle Regulation
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Andreas Boland, MRC Cambridge, UK
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
13 November 2018Female Meiosis: The Challenge of Eliminating Centrosomes
13:30 h, M701Prof. Oliver Gruß, University of Bonn
Host: Thomas U. Mayer

Summer term 2018

26 September 2018Translation Oscillation is Required to Optimize Type-I Interferon Production During Viral Infection
14:30 h, M630Prof. Philippe Pierre, Centre D’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, Marseille, France
Host: Marcus Groettrup
12 July 2018Proteostasis of Aging and Stem Cells
13:30 h, M701Dr. David Vilchez, CECAD University Cologne
Host: Martin Scheffner
04 July 2018Deciphering (de)regulation of Gene Expression in Health and Disease using Integrative omics Approaches
12:15 h, ML630Prof. Michiel Vermeulen, Radboud University Nijmegen
Host: Florian Stengel
07 May 2018Shedding Light on Photoreceptor Degeneration: The Role of Chaperones in the Proteostasis of Retinal Phosphodiesterase and Therapeutic Outlook
11:00 h, P1122Dr. Jacqueline van der Spuy, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, London, UK
Host: Marcus Groettrup
18 April 2018Synthetic Immune Systems to Outsmart Cancer
13:00 h, P1138Prof. Carl Figdor, Radboud University Nijmegen
Host: Marcus Groettrup

Winter term 2017/2018

27 February 2018Unravelling the Structure of Toxic Protein Aggregates In Situ
13:00 h, M701Dr. Ruben Fernández-Busnadiego, MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried
Host: Florian Stengel
26 February 2018Mechanistic Insights into Proteasome Function
15:15 h, M701Dr. Eri Sakata, MPI of Biochemistry, Martinsried
Host: Florian Stengel
13 December 2017Uncovering the Sub-Cellular Localisation of the APC/C by Super-Resolution Microscopy
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Thomas Tischer, MRC Cambridge, UK
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
30 November 2017Cancer Therapy and Microtubules – How Basic Research and Medicine Collaborate but Fail to Communicate
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Stefan Florian, MRC Cambridge, UK
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
22 November 2017Nuclear Pore Complex Disassembly in Mitosis Requires Phosphorylation of Nucleoporins by CDK1 and PLK1
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Monika Isabelle Linder, ETH Zürich
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
18 October 2017Ubiquitin and Reproductive Manipulation by Intracellular Bacteria
16:15 h, M630Prof. Mark Hochstrasser, Yale University
Host: Elke Deuerling

Summer term 2017

07 August 2017Role of Molecular Chaperones in Proteostasis Maintenance in the Cell
13:15 h, M630Prof. Judith Frydman, Stanford University
Host: Elke Deuerling
06 July 2017Mechanisms for Restraining cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase: New Insights from Subunit Quantitation and Novel Crosslinking Approaches
15:00 h, M701Dr. Matthew G. Gold, University College London
Host: Martin Scheffner
28 June 2017Proteostasis Network Analysis and Its Capacity in Amyloid Remodelling
10:00 h, M630Dr. Janine Kirstein, Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology, Berlin
Host: Elke Deuerling
22 June 2017Understanding Cdk1 Activation in Xenopus Oocytes
10:45 h, ML630Dr. Aude Dupré, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
22 June 2017Chromosome Segregation in Oocytes: Double Burden for Checkpoint Kinases
10:00 h, ML630Prof. Katja Wassmann, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Host: Thomas U. Mayer

Winter term 2016/2017

09 December 2016Outer Membrane Biogenesis in Gram-Negative Bacteria
15:15 h, M629Prof. Tom Silhavy, University of Princeton
Host: Elke Deuerling
05 December 2016Epigenetic Barriers to Nuclear Reprogramming
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Eva Hörmanseder, University of Cambridge
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
22 November 2016A Conserved Binding Motif Provides Substrate Specificity to the PP2A-B56 Phosphatase
15:15 h, ML630Prof. Jakob Nilsson, University of Copenhagen
Host: Thomas U. Mayer

Summer term 2016

12 July 2016Regulation and Function of Mammalian DNA Methylation
15:00 h, M701Prof. Tuncay Baubec, University of Zurich
Host: Florian Stengel
22 June 2016Solving a 3D Jigsaw With 1000 Pieces – The Structure of the Human Nuclear Pore Complex
15:00 h, M701Dr. Martin Beck, EMBL Heidelberg
Host: Florian Stengel
10 June 2016Curbing Protein Synthesis is an Important Part of the Heat Shock Response of Bacillus subtilis
10:00 h, ML630Prof. Kürsad Turgay, University of Hannover
Host: Elke Deuerling
30 May 2016Spatial and Temporal Control of RhoA Activation and Function During Cytokinesis
13:00 h, ML630Prof. Michael Glotzer, University of Chicago
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
22 April 2016Ubiquitin-Like Proteins and Fungal Development
14:00 h, P602Prof. Gerhard Braus, University of Göttingen
Host: Marcus Groettrup
11 April 2016Metabolic and Developmental Control through Regulated Protein Degradation in Plants
15:15 h, M627Prof. Hanjo A. Hellmann, Washington State University
Host: Dietmar Funck

Winter term 2015/2016

23 March 2016Integrative Structural Modeling of Macromolecular Complexes
14:00 h, ML630Dr. Riccardo Pellarin, Institut Pasteur
Host: Florian Stengel
12 October 2015Cellular Stress Responses by the Ubiquitin-Directed VCP/p97 Chaperone
15:00 h, L601Prof. Hemmo Meyer, University Duisburg-Essen
Host: Marcus Groettrup

Summer term 2015

30 July 2015More Than An Eraser; Protein Phosphatase Makes a Mitotic Switch Together with Kinase
13:30 h, ML630Prof. Satoru Mochida, Kumamoto University
Host: Thomas U. Mayer
28 July 2015Niacin, NAD and PARPs: Translators from Environment to Germline Epigenetics?
11:45 h, ML630Prof. Mirella Meyer-Ficca and Prof. Ralph Meyer, Utah State University
Host: Alexander Bürkle
25 June 2015Deubiquitylases in Cellular Stress Responses
16:00 h, M701Dr. Anja Bremm, University of Frankfurt
Host: Martin Scheffner
18 May 2015A fluorescence-based assay to identify inhibitors of ribosome assembly
15:30 h, M1001Dr. Rainer Nikolay, Charité Berlin
Host: Elke Deuerling
18 May 2015Intrinsically disordered domains interfere with productive import into the endoplasmic reticulum; implications for neurodegenerative diseases
14:30 h, L602Prof. Jörg Tatzelt, Ruhr-University Bochum
Host: Marcus Groettrup
29 April 2015Balancing Forces during Mitosis: How Intra- and Extra-cellular Forces Regulate the Mitotic Spindle in Epithelial Tissue
15:00 h, M630Dr. Sarah Woolner, University of Manchester, UK
Host: Thomas U. Mayer

Winter term 2014/2015

24 March 2015Using Tandem Fluorescent Timer Proteins to Address Yeast Proteome Homeostasis
15:15 h, M630Prof. Michael Knop, ZMBH, Heidelberg
Host: Stefan Kreft
07 January 2015Safeguarding Proteostasis
10:15 h, ML630Dr. Marc Brehme, Center for Molecular Medicine, Vienna, Austria
Host: Elke Deuerling
08 December 2014How do Chromosomes Regulate Mitosis?
13:30 h, ML630Dr. Hideki Yokoyama, ZMBH, University of Heidelberg
Host: Thomas U Mayer
26 November 2014Cohesin Rings at the Mouse Oocyte‐to‐Zygote Transition
17:00 h, M701Dr. Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski, IMBA, Vienna, Austria
Host: Thomas U Mayer
21 November 2014The Mitotic Spindle: To be Asymmetric or Not
15:15 h, M701Prof. Patrick Meraldi, CMU, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Host: Thomas U Mayer
10 November 2014Chaperoning in the Cell, Elucidated by a Complex of Hsp90 with Disordered Tau
15:15 h, ML630Prof. Stefan Rüdiger, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Host: Elke Deuerling
13 November 2014Genome Instability, Aging and Neurodegeneration
15:15 h, M630Prof. Vilhelm Bohr, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA
Host: Alexander Bürkle

Summer term 2014

05 July 2014Plasticity of the Beta-Barrel Assembly Machinery Investigated by NMR
15:15 h, ML630Tessa Sinnige, University of Utrecht
Host: Elke Deuerling
21 May 2014Mouse Models to Study Cell Cycle, Liver Cancer and Regeneration
13:30 h, M801Dr. Philipp Kaldis, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
Host: Thomas U Mayer
29 April 2014Investigating Phosphatase Interactors and Substrates with (bio)chemical Protein Engineering
15:15 h, A704Dr. Maja Köhn, EMBL Heidelberg
Host: Valentin Wittmann

Winter term 2013/2014

13 December 2013Making the Problem Go Away: Inducing Intracellular Protein Degradation
15:15 h, ML630Prof. Craig M. Crews, Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
Host: Thomas U Mayer
11 December 2013Mechanisms of Centriole Assembly
15:15 h, M627Prof. Pierre Gönczy, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Host: Thomas U Mayer
05 December 2013Segregating the Genome – Design Principles of Kinetochores
15:15 h, M701Dr. Stefan Westermann, IMP Vienna, Austria
Host: Thomas U Mayer

Summer term 2013

01 July 2013The ubiquitin-selective AAA ATPase Cdc48/p97
17:15 h, M629Prof. Alexander Buchberger, Biozentrum, University of Würzburg
Host: Martin Scheffner
17 June 2013Tension-induced autophagy – may the chaperone be with you
16:15 h, M629Prof. Jörg Höhfeld, Institute of Cell Biology, University of Bonn
Host: Martin Scheffner

Winter term 2012/2013

13 February 2013A Bird’s Eye View of the Chemical Compass
17:00 h, L602Dr. Christiane Timmel, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Host: Malte Drescher
19 December 2012What End Tracking Proteins Can Reveal About the Mechanism of Microtubule Dynamic Instability
15:15 h, M627Dr. Thomas Surrey, London Research Institute, Cancer research UK, London, UK
Host: Thomas U Mayer
18 December 2012Regulation of Calvin Cycle Enzymes through Protein-Protein Interactions in Photosynthetic Organisms
08:45 h, M629Dr. Brigitte Meunier-Gontero, Laboratoire Enzymologie de complexes supramoléculaires, CNRS Marseille
Host: Peter Kroth
11 December 2012Deconvolution of Native HDAC Complexes Using Chemoproteomics
15:15 h, M701M. Sc. Antje Dittmann, Cellzome GmbH, Heidelberg
Host: Thomas U Mayer
05 December 2012How to Maintain a Stable Genome? A Passenger Perspective
15:15 h, M627Dr. Susanne Lens, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Host: Thomas U Mayer
28 November 2012Mechanisms for Maintaining Chromosomal Stability
13:30 h, M627Prof. Geert Kops, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Host: Thomas U Mayer
26 November 2012Modulation of the Endocytic Pathway and MHC Class I Cross-presentation by Insulin-regulated Aminopeptidase
14:00 h, R512Prof. Peter Van Endert, INSERM, Paris, France
Host: Marcus Groettrup
23 November 2012Evidence for a Third Ribosomal Initiation Mode in Bacteria: The 70S-Scanning Inititation
08:30 h, M627Prof. Knud Nierhaus, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Host: Elke Deuerling
22 November 2012Silencing the Ribosome: The Detection of a New, Universally Conserved Translational Factor
14:00 h, M701Prof. Knud Nierhaus, MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Host: Elke Deuerling
24 October 2012Activation of the Immune System by Staphylococcal TLR2 and Nod2 Ligands
15:30 h, M629Prof. Fritz Götz, University of Tübingen, Tübingen
Host: Elke Deuerling
21 September 2012Assembling the Machinery of Protein Destruction in the Cell
16:00 h, M701Prof. Mark Hochstrasser, Yale University, USA
Host: Stefan Kreft