Gender Equality

The CRC 969 and the University of Konstanz itself act as gender-equitable and family-friendly institutions. They are committed to achieve equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women at all levels of qualification. Equal opportunities and equal treatment are considered criteria of excellence and quality in all decision-making processes as well as in all organisational and individual actions. To implement equal opportunities for all employees, the University of Konstanz has subscribed to a gender-related code of practice (“Gender Kodex”) which is an agreement for standards on gender equality and family orientation in ten areas of practice.

In case that there are questions concerning gender or equal opportunity issues, please contact either the gender equality person of the CRC 969, Prof. Elke Deuerling, or the diversity person of CRC 969, Prof. Valentin Wittmann.

Further support is given by the gender consultant from the Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Konstanz, Dr. Gabriela Michalek.

The CRC 969, together with the University of Konstanz offers various measures and services to support female students and scientists.

One of these measures is the MEiN program.

MEiN was established at the University of Konstanz in autumn 2013. It provides female doctoral students and post-docs who are members of the CRC 969 with the opportunity to make contact with renowned scientists and supports awareness concerning career possibilities. Female natural scientists can visit internationally recognized scientists or invite them to their home lab. Mentees can apply for funding that covers travel and accommodation costs either for the stay (preferably) abroad or a visit of their mentor in their home lab.

Besides MEiN, the CRC 969 hosts events such as career lunches, workshops, exhibitions, theatre performances or movie presentations to generally support young female researchers, to raise awareness of equal opportunity issues and to introduce successful female scientists to young female CRC 969 members.